photo of Jeroen van der Ent

About me

I love to work as a mediator between tech and human needs and wishes. For the past 15 years I have been working on applications, games, websites and interactive installations.

My focus is on the frontside of technology. The part that people see, touch, hear, feel, in short: experience. I love it when a product or service brings people joy and satisfaction during tasks or if it solves a real problem for them. Having a broad experience and creating/working with/hiring teams of different sizes I built up considerable knowledge and understanding of the underlying technology and hardware which makes it easier to communicate well with architects and developers.

I feel that a people-centered approach is of vital importance for people to adopt technology and to make it their own.

I also believe that great products are simple and usable only because of the the expertise and hard work that go into them.

As a UX consultant I research the user and make personas. I develop moodboards, user-journey maps, user flows, game mechanics, wireframes. These are then used to create low fi and polished interactive prototypes together with stakeholders. I organise user tests and feedback rounds. And when the product or service is live and being used I study usability and analytics reports while keeping track of and analysing the competition.

At the end of the day, I just want to build great experiences and products for real people and help them to solve real life problems.

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