BridgeBig:online bridge


  • UX / UI – desktop + tablet
  • User research
  • Identity + Branding + Art Direction
  • CSS development


Two entrepreneurs wanted to start a new company to not only bring the card game of playing bridge online but also bring it to the same level as playing poker online.

Playing bridge online was done on websites that looked very old-fashioned with little attention to detail, UX and usability. Playing bridge online had a feeling to it like it was meant to be played by old ladies in a damp room and was about exchanging pennies and gossip.

BridgeBig wanted to change this and wanted to make playing bridge online about modern and dynamic play, big money prizes and have a glamorous image.


Me and designer Ying Fang visited bridge tournaments, talked to bridge players and analysed how players could best enjoy the game online.  We developed personas, user stories, a moodboard, game mechanics, wireframes and hi-fi prototypes for both the game and the accompanying website. We created an identity and helped shape the brand. I helped  the development team translating it to code and provided interface elements. We made T-shirts, champagne bottles with custom labels, designed the business plan, posters, an exhibition stand and beta invitation cards.


BridgeBig opened their online game and website with a big prize tournament with famous bridge players and has since attracted investors and a lot of players.