The Bloomberg of logistics

A Dutch startup asked me to assist them to create an online platform for companies in the logistics industry.


  • Interaction design
  • User flows
  • High fidelity mockups
  • Interactive prototype
  • Landing page
  • Identity
  • Visual styleguide
  • CSS review


The client wanted to build a platform that contains a rich business directory, a marketplace and CRM. Information on companies in the logistics industry is scattered and unreliable.  In order to create a platform that gathers background data and live information fed by its users those users need to trust and value the platform and the information. Trust is the most important aspect that needed to be designed in this project.


To build trust the rating system and review process needed to be designed so that the system is very clear and transparent for the users.  As there are many different kind of companies in the logistics industry the search engine and hierarchy of the site needed a lot of attention and needed to be easily navigated and understood by the users. We tried different ways of feedback and rating systems until we found one that was working for all stakeholders.


I designed a search mechanism and a rating system for companies. I made mockups for all the screens and created an interactive prototype using Invision to test the designs with stakeholders and made high fidelity mockups for desktop and mobile that the developers could use to build the platform.

I designed an identity and styleguide from scratch and helped the developers finetune typography and css during the development process.